in-shell Sizer

In-shell sizer machine

The Savage In-shell sizer is often employed as the second stage of a complete nut-cleaning plant. The newest models of the Savage Sizer provide great access and visibility to the internal reaches of the machine, allowing easier cleaning and easier sizing reel change-out, if necessary.

40 Foot Pecan Sizer

The above Sizer is our largest, a 40-ft version of the Model 3160. Savage makes reels with diameters of 36", 48" and 60" to accommodate any size of nut-cleaning operation.

pre-cleaning combination of machines

Our latest generation Sizer can be mounted in tandem with our Stick Remover as shown above. The above assembly also includes a Pre-vac and a trash conveyor. Scroll down to the Grayline Cleaning Plant video near the bottom of this page to see this machine in action.

Stick remover

stick remover machine

The Savage Stick Remover is available in widths of 36, 48 and 60-inch.  The discharge conveyor can be oriented to the left or right, and the mounting height is fully adjustable to accommodate almost any cleaning plant configuration. The powerful electric motor is available in single-phase or three-phase versions.

top view of stick remover

The Savage Stick Remover is highly effective at removing sticks and other large debris from harvested nuts. The 2-stage chain causes sticks to lay flat for easy removal while keeping the product moving at maximum flow rate. A series of radial “bumps” cause clumps of product to dislodge, so that good nuts end up where they should.

stick remover mounted on sizer

The Stick Remover shown above is mounted on a 3148 Sizing Reel. This new option makes for a more efficient cleaning plant with a smaller footprint. Scroll down to the Grayline Cleaning Plant video near the bottom of this page to see this machine in action.

grayline combination assembly

Combination of pecan cleaning machines

Savage engineers are always looking for ways to make our Grayline machines, not only more effective, but also more economical and able to fit into a smaller footprint. This combination of machines does just that.

Vision in-shell sorter's user interface panel

This view shows the stick remover in the area where the pit elevator would normally empty onto the conveyor chain. The pre-vac mounted above helps ensure most of the lighter debris will be taken out of the product before it enters the cleaning process.

inside view of sorter showing nuts falling

The sizing reel is engineered to move a lot of product through quickly. The debris that falls out the bottom of the reel and the stick remover is picked up by the trash conveyor and carried away. It is a vary effiecient, consolidated process.

Vision Sorter Video

Click/tap the image to the left to play a video of our Grayline machines which shows cleaning plants build in many corners of the globe.

aspirator and stone remover

nut cleaning aspirator machine

The Savage Aspirator can be employed in a variety of ways. As nuts pass by on the vibrating pan, lighter debris is suctioned off and lands on the conveyor belt for disposal or transfer. The desired product falls off the end of the vibrator pan to be conveyed to the next phase of processing. The fan speed can be finely regulated to accommodate many situations. 

Model 3760 Aspirator

These machines can also be used after in-shell sorting to further grade nuts by quality/meat percentage due to the weight-to-volume variance. This allows users to market their best quality pecans separately in order to gain a higher premium. The image above shows the high-capacity 60-inch wide Model-3760 Aspirator.

Stone Remover diagram showing product flow

The Savage Stone Remover is really two machines in one. The first stage of the machine removes the heavy debris. This is done by means of a 15-HP variable-speed fan that lifts nuts and lighter material from the conveyor chain, allowing stones and other heavy debris to be carried away for disposal. The second stage pulls off lighter material. An ingenious adjustable airlock system, powered by a 10HP fan, allows the operator to finely tune what gets through each stage and what does not.


Pecan Dehuller

The Savage Dehuller has a small footprint, but it delivers big results. At only 44 inches tall and a footprint of only ten square feet, it will easily fit into almost any cleaning plant configuration.

inside of dehuller showing brush

The stiff nylon and wire bristles of the rotating brush do an amazing job of removing hulls, helping you get the most out of your pecan harvest.

brush tension adjustment lever

Operators can easily and quickly adjust the amount of scrubbing force applied to accommodate variable product conditions.

other grayline equipment

three types of elevator


three types of hoppers and bins



grayline cleaning plant Video

Click/tap the image to the left to play a video of a working Grayline Cleaning Plant from our Youtube channel,

three lines of Savage equipment

redline orchard equipment

The Savage Redline is born of many decades spent growing and harvesting pecans. This rugged equipment is built to provide many years of service in the demanding orchard environment. Our Redline Equipment includes an extensive range of shakers, cleaners, blowers, sprayers, rakes, sweepers and harvesters.
Click the photo above to see REDLINE Equipment.

grayline cleaning equipment

The Savage Grayline equipment does the hard work of transforming tons of nuts, leaves, sticks, dirt, and rocks into tidy sacks of clean, marketable nuts. We manufacture many sizes of stick removers, sizing reels, de-stoners, de-hullers, belt & bucket elevators, grading tables, and aspirators. 
Click the photo above to see GRAYLINE Equipment.

silverline shelling equipment

Our Silverline equipment is designed to efficiently process your nut crop. A Savage Silverline processing plant produces clean, consumer- ready nuts and can be scaled to suit any size operation. This line includes a variety of pecan crackers, shellers, meat sizers, bucket elevators and inspection tables. 
Click the photo above to see SILVERLINE Equipment.

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