redline orchard equipment

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Savage orchard blower

Blower 5132

This Savage 3-point blower is an essential tool for harvest season. The consistent, powerful air blast moves nuts from under the tree row.

Pecan Cleaner Machine

Cleaners & Pre-cleaners

Savage Cleaners and Pre-cleaners are designed to accomplish the tough work of cleaning your nut crop while it is still in the orchard or as part of a more complete cleaning plant.

Savage 8261 Harvester

Harvester 8261

Our 8261 Harvester is PTO powered and can be used by tractors as small as 45 HP. It has a generous 61" pick-up width and easily handles 12,000 pounds per day.

Savage 8042 Pecan Harvester

Harvester 8042

Our tough 8042 Harvester can be towed behind a lawn tractor or ATV and is capable of harvesting about 2200 pounds per day. It is powered by a 14-HP, electric-start Kohler engine.

Savage Limb Rake

Limb Rake

Savage limb rakes have become the essential tool for orchard cleanup and maintenance for many years. Eighteen foot width, folds to ten feet for easy transport.

Savage Leaf Vacuum machine

Row-Vac 8960

The Savage Row-Vac will bring amazing efficiency to your harvest workload. It moves enormous volumes of leaves and debris from the windrow, allowing your harvesters to move quickly through what remains.

Tree Shaker

tree shaker

The pecan tree shaker was the first piece of pecan machinery developed here. Today Savage builds five sizes of PTO-driven shakers to accomodate trees of almost any size, even those giant natives.

two orchard sprayers

Orchard Sprayer

If you need to control insect pests, fungus or mineral deficiencies, a Savage Sprayer is the economical solution. Available in many sizes, these rugged, powerful sprayers can really boost production.

side sweeper and v-sweeper


The Savage Side-Sweeper and V-Sweeper both feature simple, quick tractor mounting; reinforced rails and disks; and free-floating sweeper heads for better performance in uneven terrain.

three lines of Savage equipment

redline orchard equipment

The Savage Redline is born of many decades spent growing and harvesting pecans. This rugged equipment is built to provide many years of service in the demanding orchard environment. Our Redline Equipment includes an extensive range of shakers, cleaners, blowers, sprayers, rakes, sweepers and harvesters.
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grayline cleaning equipment

The Savage Grayline equipment does the hard work of transforming tons of nuts, leaves, sticks, dirt, and rocks into tidy sacks of clean, marketable nuts. We manufacture many sizes of stick removers, sizing reels, stone removers, de-hullers, belt & bucket elevators, grading tables, and aspirators. 
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silverline shelling equipment

Our Silverline equipment is designed to efficiently process your nut crop. A Savage Silverline processing plant produces clean, consumer-ready nuts and can be scaled to suit any size operation. This line includes a variety of pecan crackers, shellers, meat sizers, bucket elevators and inspection tables. 
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