Blower 5132

Tractor-mounted orchard blower

The Savage Blower mounts to the rear of your tractor and has a finely balanced fan that's built for speed and power. It will help the rest of your tasks run more efficiently.

orchard blower in orchard

All components of the Savage 5132 Blower are over-engineered and built to take the punishing pace of harvest-time in the orchard season after season. 

detail view of orchard blower

Savage Orchard Blowers are available for both 540 and 1000 rpm power take-offs.

Blower 5132 Video

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Cleaner & pre-cleaner

pecan cleaner and pre-cleaner

The Cleaner and Pre-cleaner separate out most of the sticks, leaves and other trash that you might otherwise have to haul around. The cleaner deposits the product on a conveyor table for final hand sorting, while the Pre-Cleaner elevattes the product for delivery into a bin, truck or wagon.

cleaner's gas-powered engine

Both machines can be ordered with a Kohler gas-powered, electric-start engine or an electric motor. The electric motor can be single-phase or three-phase.

sorting table of pecan cleaner

Savage cleaners use a multi-step process to maximize cleaning efficiency. A clod remover takes out small rocks and dirt clods; a unique scuffing wheel eliminates most shuck material; a powerful fan blows away unfilled nuts, leaves, shucks and other light debris.

Cleaner 4224 Video

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Harvester 8261

Savage 8261 Harvester

A pecan harvesting workhorse, nothing matches the flexibility and value of the 8261. It has become the essential tool in the pecan orchard for generations of growers--efficient, durable, powerful.

Pecan harvester dumping into trailer

The 8261 Harvester sports an ingenious hydraulic side-dump mechanism. The bin will dump into trailers as high as 8 1/2 feet in just a few seconds. The harvester requires a 540 PTO, 45 HP (min.) power.

pecan harvester harvesting

The Savage Harvester has been getting the job done in pecan orchards for decades, and has been perfected through many generations. It's so versatile, it can be used for chestnuts and other types of nuts as well.

harvester 8261 Video

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Harvester 8042

Savage 8042 pecan harvester

Small but mighty, the 8042 Harvester is just the ticket for smaller orchards and larger yard crops. Like its big brother, this harvester uses stout rubber fingers on a rotating metal drum to pick up nuts in grass, leaves, and on bare ground.

8042 harvester detail of gas engine

The 8042 Harvester's efficient, electric-start Kohler engine powers the rotating drum with its rubber fingers and the fan that eliminates most grass, leaves and light debris out the back of the machine. It also powers the elevating auger that moves nuts up into a sack or bucket.

8042 harvester picking up pecans

You don't need a tractor to employ this Harvester. An ATV or lawn tractor will get the job done. 

Orchard Rake 7218

orchard rake raking branches

Rugged, versatile Savage rakes are built for work in the demanding nut orchard environment, but are equally invaluable in a wide variety of applications. They are great for just about any season of orchard maintenance.

orchard rake in folded position

The rake is 18 feet wide when extended, but can be folded to a width of 10 feet to make it easy to transport. The rake can still be employed in the folded position.

orchard rake raking pecan branches

With Savage Rakes, you will enjoy the ability to adjust teeth height and pitch right from the tractor seat with your existing hydraulic control.

Orchard Rake Video

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Row-Vac 8960

Savage Row-Vac on tractor

In just a few years, the Savage Row-Vac has become an integral machine for many large pecan-growing operations. Even on large windrows, it chops up and removes almost all leaves and small sticks, allowing harvesters to move much faster.

Row-Vac working in orchard

You can see how well the Row-Vac powers through a large windrow. This machine not only saves you valuable time when it counts the most; it will also save a tremendous amount of wear-and-tear on your expensive harvesters.

Side view of Row-Vac in orchard

There are many variables when you're trying to get rid of leaves and debris while avoiding the loss of any valuable nuts. The 8960 Row-Vac allows you to adjust height, fan-speed and air-baffle (or "flapper wheel") speed to get optimum results.

Row-Vac Video

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Tree Shakers

five sizes of Savage tree shakers

No other piece of orchard equipment takes the kind of punishment a tree shaker does. So it makes sense to go with a proven industry leader. Our shakers have proven their worth in the orchard for many decades.

tree shaker clamped to tree

Savage Shakers feature heavily braced and reinforced clamp arms; easily removed bearings and simple access to shaking components; oversized adjustable drive chains; and easily changed tree pads. Tree-friendly donut pads are standard on models 2138 and 2158 (optional on all other shaker models).

Savage 2653 Shaker

Savage Shakers are available in five sizes, with each model capable of shaking a wide range of tree sizes. Above is Model 2653, our second largest shaker.

Tree Shaker Video

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Orchard Sprayers

Two sizes of Savage Orchard Sprayers

Savage Sprayers are available with 500-gallon or 1000-gallon tanks. Within these tank sizes there are also several fan sizes to accommodate a wide variety of tree heights and tractor PTO strengths. In short, there is a Savage sprayer for almost any orchard application.

Sprayer spraying in orchard

Many other brands of sprayers are designed for row crops, but Savage produces sprayers with the versatility to meet the demands of the pecan orchard. Our sprayers allow you to turn off the sprayer between trees without turning off the agitator, and you can control the sprayer from you tractor seat.

inner workings of sprayer

Savage orchard sprayers feature powerful Delavan turbo pumps (spray penetrates outer canopy for complete coverage), large tank and fill well for less down time, ability to spray at any angle left or right, finely balanced steel fan blades, shielded triple-seal bearings and high-flotation tires.

Orchard Sprayer Video

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Sprayer Comparison Table


Savage Side Sweeper

Both of Savage's heavy-duty sweepers are built tough for the demanding orchard environment. They both will improve your bottom line by making the rest of your nut-harvesting operations more efficient and getting more nuts to market faster.

V-Sweeper mounted on tractor with Row-Vac

The Side Sweeper is often mounted in tandem with a 5132 Blower. The V-Sweeper can be paired with a Row-Vac (as shown above) or Row Harvester.

Side Sweeper

Both machines rotate heavy steel tines and rubber fingers that sweep nuts into rows efficiently no matter what kind of orchard floor you have. The Side Sweeper covers a generous ten foot swath, while the V-Sweeper sweeps a thirteen foot path.

Sweeper Video

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three lines of Savage equipment

redline orchard equipment

The Savage Redline is born of many decades spent growing and harvesting pecans. This rugged equipment is built to provide many years of service in the demanding orchard environment. Our Redline Equipment includes an extensive range of shakers, cleaners, blowers, sprayers, rakes, sweepers and harvesters.
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grayline cleaning equipment

The Savage Grayline equipment does the hard work of transforming tons of nuts, leaves, sticks, dirt, and rocks into tidy sacks of clean, marketable nuts. We manufacture many sizes of stick removers, sizing reels, de-stoners, de-hullers, belt & bucket elevators, grading tables, and aspirators. 
Click the photo above to see GRAYLINE Equipment.

silverline shelling equipment

Our Silverline equipment is designed to efficiently process your nut crop. A Savage Silverline processing plant produces clean, consumer- ready nuts and can be scaled to suit any size operation. This line includes a variety of pecan crackers, shellers, meat sizers, bucket elevators and inspection tables. 
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