Silverline orchard equipment

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Savage pecan crackers 252S and 238C

Pecan Crackers

Savage crackers have revolutionized the pecan-shelling industry in recent years. In North and South American, Australia and South Africa, these incredible machines are helping nut shellers, large and small, speed through tons of nuts and improve their bottom line.

Savage Pecan Sheller Machines


After pecans are cracked, they are normally elevated into a Savage Sheller. Available in three sizes, these expertly crafted machines thoroughly and precisely separate the shells from the nut-meats.

vibratory conveyor

Vibratory conveyor

The Savage Vibratory Conveyor is the ideal machine when you need to move a lot of nuts quickly on a food-friendly stainless steel surface. These machines are available in 6, 8, and 10-foot lengths and can be employed in a series.

Industrial nut size sorting machine

nut-meat sizer

Savage is proud to introduce the Model 148S industrial-volume Meat Sizer as the latest addition to our popular Silverline series. Speed and flexibility are the hallmarks of this machine.

small pecan shelling plant

other silverline equipment

Savage Equipment manufactures an array of machines that will enable you to build a complete nut processing facility customizable to your unique situation and requirements. All the Savage Silverline machines are constructed of durable, food-friendlly stainless steel.

More innovations coming

Savage Equipment is in the business of creating innovative equipment for nut growers and processors around the world. Stay tuned for even more great machines already in the works.

three lines of Savage equipment

redline orchard equipment

The Savage Redline is born of many decades spent growing and harvesting pecans. This rugged equipment is built to provide many years of service in the demanding orchard environment. Our Redline Equipment includes an extensive range of shakers, cleaners, blowers, sprayers, rakes, sweepers and harvesters.
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grayline cleaning equipment

The Savage Grayline equipment does the hard work of transforming tons of nuts, leaves, sticks, dirt, and rocks into tidy sacks of clean, marketable nuts. We manufacture many sizes of stick removers, sizing reels, de-stoners, de-hullers, belt & bucket elevators, grading tables, and aspirators. 
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silverline shelling equipment

Our Silverline equipment is designed to efficiently process your nut crop. A Savage Silverline processing plant produces clean, consumer- ready nuts and can be scaled to suit any size operation. This line includes a variety of pecan crackers, shellers, meat sizers, bucket elevators and inspection tables. 
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